Notabene Shoes



About us

For more than two decades Notabene have had the honor of supplying shoes to quality and fashion minded consumers. Full of pride and humbleness we can say that with more than 20 years of experience with designing and manufacturing shoes, we are still in constant development. Our aim and our goal from day one has been to take the lead and to stay on top whilst maintaining the DNA of the brand and our classic aesthetics.

Our shoes are all designed in Copenhagen by the man behind Notabene, Martin Friis – with a tireless effort and great focus on material, quality, creativity and comfort. The shoes are then being brought to life on a few handpicked family owned workshops in Italy. We believe in sustainability and we use only 100% European natural materials, all bi-products of the food industry and of nature. We consider that to be the most responsible attitude when working with leather, hide and fur. All shoes are handmade and with great respect for the old and proud craftsmanship of shoemaking passed down by generations.

For us it is about fashion walking hand in hand with responsibility. We create our shoes in proper materials, in good working conditions, with the purpose that they will last for several seasons. As a sustainable business we also offer our customers a canvas totebag and with the purpose of avoiding plastic bags. We truly hope our customers appreciate these and use them over and over.

We strive to always guide our customers the best way possible and to ensure that they feel acknowledged and well informed when shopping in store as well as online – whether the purpose is to buy a new pair of shoes or receive guidance on how the maintain a previously bought pair. We have a great amount of respect for our shoes and for the craftsmanship behind each pair and we strive to make sure our customers receives a unique shopping experience each time they visit us.

As a new chapter in the history of Notabene we have throughout the last year opened up for wholesale retailers. We have handpicked a few beautiful stores which we all believe can accommodate the universe we wish to create for our shoes. Today we can proudly say that Notabene are being sold in stores throughout Denmark and in Norway and Sweden. And so the adventure goes on…