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Gardens & Parks in Copenhagen

Where do you go to escape the cobblestone and recharge surrounded by trees, birdsong and the smell of freshly cut grass? We have picked our 5 favorite green spaces for relaxation, Sunday strolls and perhaps a date, for you to enjoy when in need of a little relaxation and earthly inspiration. You’ll find our recommendations just below! Happy reading.




1. The Garden of The Royal Library

Proviantpassagen 1 or Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, 1218 Copenhagen
Opening hours: Everyday from 06-22

One of Copenhagen’s hidden treasures is the garden of the royal library. The garden is framed with tall walls, which hides the beautiful urban oasis from the naked eye. You’ll find this amazing little spot when strolling Slotsholmen, looking at Christiansborg, the parliament building, and the royal library. When entering the garden you’ll see big shadow trees, perfectly cut grass and rainbow-like flowerbeds with gorgeous flowers. The garden can be enjoyed on one of the benches or colorful chairs or you can walk the lanes directing you from Christansborg towards the Royal Library whilst consuming the quiet and listing to the fountain water making its forever dance.

While strolling around you’ll pass a big portrait statue of Søren Kierkegaard who supposedly are starring with sadness in his eyes, looking for his lost love Regine Olsen, who onces lived in the area.

The garden is placed upon Christian the 4th old war harbor, then named Tøjhushaven. It was drained and filled in 1836. In 1916 it was decided to create the garden. The garden was finished and ready for use in 1920 and was considered an enhancement of the city. Later the fountain was added by the Carlsberg foundation when opening the new addition the royal library, better known as the Black Diamond. The fountain and its 8-meter high cobber column was designed by Mogens Møller. The column represents the written word and compliments the gardens symmetric axis that combines the royal library to the national archives. 

The garden is located very central and is for you who are starving for an urban garden experience, that for sure is going to give you a moment of quiet and calmness before stepping back in to the busy city center of Copenhagen. 


2. The Botanical Gardens 
Gothersgade 128, København K
Opening hours: 1. Oktober-21. March 08.30-15.30 and 1. April-30 September 10-17

The Botanical garden, and its iconic and very photogenic glasshouse, is most definitely worth your time. The garden is the fourth and biggest of its kind in Copenhagen, but the only one still existing.  It opened in 1874 and has been classified a protected area since 1969. The garden is the biggest scientific collection of plants in Denmark and holds 23,000 plant species. The botanical garden is characterized as a “living museum” as a part of the natural history museum and was created for scientific research, education and preservation, as it’s main goals.

The Botanical gardens is perfectly placed in the city center with direct entrance from Nørreport station. The blinding beauty of the gardens many trees, flowers and buildings shuts the city out and makes sure to gift you with a colorful timeout from the busy life even though the garden is placed between busy streets.

The botanical garden is for you who seek the perfect spot for a walk, that can both be educational if diving into the stories of the plants or just visually satisfying while looking for the perfect places to sit down on one of the fields or sitting areas to enjoy your homemade picnic in the sun. 


3. The University Gardens at Frederiksberg

Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg
Opening hours: all year 

The university gardens are placed in between big historical school buildings that today house veterinary medicine students amongst many other. The school was build to educate farmers and land surveyors when the state of Denmark bought the grounds at Frederiksberg in 1856. The garden was designed by garden architect Julius August Bentzien with the purpose of educating in botanical and plant culture, to beautify the school and act as Public Park.

When walking around the garden, most of the plants are from the opening in 1856. The garden hold both a small pond, huge trees, wild flowers and highly cared for flowerbeds in the “summer flower garden” or “rose garden” next to the official park area.

You are advised to use the garden recreational. Bring a picnic, have your birthday at the park or just take a stroll alone or with a loved one accompanied by birds singing and the smell of grass and roses. This park is especially kid friendly, if looking for a quiet place for you and your family to enjoy a Saturday.


4. Vestre Cemetary

Vestre Kirkegårds Allé 15, 2450 København SV
Opening hours: Everyday in the vinter from  07-19 and 07-22 in the summer

Vestre cemetery is placed in the sweet spot between Vesterbro, Valby and Sydhavnen. It is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Denmark and is the biggest too, with its 54 hectares. The cemetery garden is big, so you can easily spent a few hours walking around the hilly landscape with ponds, huge corridors lined with trees and just enjoy the quietness and the sound of the wind in the trees and birds singing, making the perfect soundtrack for your Sunday afternoon.

Department A in the cemetery is particularly gorgeous and hold many famous graves; such as Prime ministers Thorvald Stauning and Jens Otto Kragh. If interested in art you’ll also find the painter Wilhelm Hammershøj and Tove Ditlevsens well visited graves.

Vester Cemetary is for you who seek a place for long walks, for you who likes to go explore the stories of past lives or for you who are looking for a new route on your morning run. 


5. Assistens Cemetary 

Kapelvej 2, 2200 København N
Opening hours: Everyday in the vinter from  07-19 and 07-22 in the summer

The Assistens Cemetery Park is located at the heart of the hip Nørrebro area in Copenhagen. It is framed by a sunrise orange wall and holds 20 hectare of cemetery, which is advised by the city of Copenhagen to be used recreational. Although one area of the cemetery is still an active graveyard, and should not be used as park area, in respect of the mourning family members.

The cemetery was built in 1960 because of the lack of space in the existing graveyards. First only used for commoners, the cemetery soon got accepted by the higher society and today you’ll find the graves of no other than Søren Kiekegaard, H.C. Andersen, H.C. Ørsted, Michael Strunge, Dan Turell, Natasja and many other. Furthermore you’ll find tombs worthy of protection, as well as statues and figures. For instance, you will find Klaus Høghs “Globe” as seen in the picture above.

If you are interested in the poetic atmosphere of the cemetery park, combined with the rustic esthetics of Nørrebro, this place is for you! The Assistens cemetery is a green safe space for peace and quiet. Perfect for a stroll only accompanied by your own thoughts and trees, that has seen more in its time on earth than you and me ever will. 

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