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Five podcast recommendations

We listen to them on the go and when relaxing at home. Whether we want to immerse and deeply engage ourselves into something, or seek inspiration and distraction from our surroundings: Podcasts — one of the greatest trends of time. Regardless of time and place, we can delve into stories of our choice. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, one for nearly every subject, and it can be slightly challenging to choose between the many options. So in case you’re feeling indecisive, we have gathered our top five podcast recommendations for you to enjoy. Find our suggestions just below.


The cozy conversation

1. Sitter 

"Sitter" is a laidback podcast series hosted by actress Iben Hjejle and TV host Signe Lindkvist. Each episode is based on a so-called "dunce note” and introduces new topics weekly, which the two women bring up for discussion. The topics include anecdotes and general matters as well as more personal narratives. Iben Hjejle and Signe Lindkvist laugh and joke at each other’s expense quite a lot, resulting in an entertaining, unpretentious and forthright program.

Fun fact: The podcast is named after the Danish actress Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen, whom the women refer to every time the subject from the note changes.

The podcast ”Sitter” is for you who enjoy an entertaining and laidback conversation between two humoristic women. “Sitter” is the perfect choice, when you’re looking for yet another excuse to procrastinate. New episodes are published on a weekly basis, and last approximately 40-45 minutes, so there is plenty to get started with.

The one that makes you reflect

2. My energy is at another place

My energy is somewhere else” is a podcast series in two episodes, each representing the scenario of “being left” and "leaving” your significant other. First episode begins with Anne’s personal story, and how her husband, Nicola, left her and their 5-month-old daughter. Anne shares how she started to notice the little signs of Nicola’s infidelity, and how she experienced the breakup. In the blink of an eye, the dream of a nuclear family started to crumble, and she suddenly had to identify as a single mother. The story is based on a mix of interviews, diary notes, to-do lists and Anne's own recordings.

Second episode is based on Nicola's experience of the breakup, where Anne interviews her ex-husband. In this episode, Nicola shares how he met “the other woman”, who he leaves his wife for. Nicola struggles with ambivalent feelings about his decision, feeling both happy yet shameful. Throughout the episode, the ex-couple share thoughts and experiences from their past, while challenging each other's opinions.

The podcast ” My energy is at another place” is for those who enjoy authentic and reflecting, but also heart-breaking stories. If you enjoyed the HBO-series ”The Affair”, you might enjoy this podcast as well. The series is based on two episodes. First episode is 46 minutes long, while second episode is 25 minutes.

The thrilling story

3. One can never know

"One can never know" is a podcast series about the scammer "Mads" Andersen. In the first episode, documentary producer Morten Narvedsen tells about a tip he received regarding a man named Mads Andersen. According to the tip, Mads has scammed several innocent people, leaving them in a bad financial position. Narvedsen decides to investigate, what drove Mads to his actions and why he had fled. In his search after Mads, he meets people from the scammer’s past, and stories of false identity, seduction, and fraud emerge. When connecting all the details, a portrait of an unscrupulous man begins to form. Will Narvedsen succeed in finding Mads, or will his questions remain unresolved? Listen to the podcast to find out.

The podcast ”one can never know” is for the mystery, crime and thriller enthusiast. If you’re into documentary series, this podcast series might be a great choice for you too. The series consists of 20 episodes; some last only a couple of minutes, while others last just over 20 minutes.

The captivating story 

4. The story about Lukas

The story about Lukas is a mini podcast series produced by Third Ear for Politiken. To set the scene in classic Third Ear style, Tim Hinman introduces each episode with his characteristic narrator voice, supported by the mysterious background music. In this moving story, we follow journalist Jakob Sheikh, who receives a phone call from a very upset woman on December 28, 2014. The woman explains that her 18-year-old son, Lukas Dam, was killed in Syria just three days earlier. She fears that Lukas was recruited by IS, and had died in holy war. Sheikh is determined to find out what happened, and why Lucas joined the Islamic State group as a jihadi. The podcast primarily focuses on the story of Lukas, and the events that led up to his death as a Danish IS warrior. To support the mother’s story, Sheikh also interviews relatives of Lukas. Together, the details tell the tragedy of a young and confused man, who got radicalized and ended his life as an IS warrior in Syria.

The podcast "The story about Lukas” is a great choice if you’re looking for a captivating and sad story. It’s a story you can’t help but get caught up in, and that leaves you with a lump in your throat. The series consists of four episodes, and each is approximately 20 minutes.

The one that inspires 

5. Bucket list

“Bucket list" is a podcast produced by Heartbeats, which the former P3 radio host from Danish Broadcasting Corporation Le Gammeltoft launched in 2014. In each program, Gammeltoft invites different Danish personalities to the studio for a talk about both cheerful and serious topics. The conversation revolves around the guest's bucket list; things to do before you die. Gammeltoft manages to ask very different questions about life, death and everything in between. The conversation also makes the guest reflect on a lot of topics – both in terms of good and bad experiences from the past, but also in relation to dreams or fears of the future.

The podcast ”Bucket list” is for those seeking inspiration to create their own bucket list. Listen, as guests share their thoughts and ideas on what they wish to accomplish before they die. The series has existed since 2015, so there are many episodes to discover. Each episode lasts about 60 minutes. 



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