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The story of the Cowboy boot


Close your eyes and imagine the sound of horses riding across the prairie, in the deafening silence of the wild land. A cowboy is sitting with his tilted cowboy hat and leather boots smoking a cigarette. But what is the actual story behind the cowboy boot and how has it become a global fashion phenomenon today? 

The cowboy boot is a symbol of the Wild West and was originally designed to keep the cowboy on his horse when riding. The boots well-known pointy toe was crafted to make it easy for the rider to enter the stirrups. The high and wide heel was created for the cowboy to have a good grip when handling a wild horse or to keep the foot comfortable when tucked into the stirrups for hours of riding.

The boot was a necessity for safekeeping too. The originally long shafted boot was made to protect from insect and snake bites with help from the tall shaft and thick leather material. The knee-high leather boot also had a wider shaft than the more fashionable boot we encounter on the catwalks today, since they had to be easy to jump in and out of if getting struck or tangled up in something when riding. Back then, the boots were so unique that they had to be specially made for the buyer, to ensure the perfect size and fit. The boots was expected to last for many, many years and therefore the construction and leather of choice had to be resistant and in good quality to outlast life on horseback.

Decorations and details

Initially the stitching along the shaft was less decorative and only made to keep the shaft stiff and upright for as long as possible. As the boot became more and more recognized, the design evolved and the boots were crafted in not only black and brown leather, but in different colored leathers, with stitching in beautiful patterns and with other new design elements. It was exactly this new approach to the elements of the cowboy boot that caught people’s eyes and made this particular boot relevant in the world of fashion. For many years, the Wild West have been a key inspiration for designers, often interpreted in fringe jackets, denim jackets and of course; in the iconic cowboy boot. 

Notabene and the Wild West

Today, the prairie, horse and lasso have been replaced with cobblestone and bicycles in Copenhagen. And we have once again reinterpreted the cowboy boot in python, embossed leather and nubuck. Notabene’s cowboy boots are crafted in Spain as the only shoes in the SS19 collection. Spain is known to have the best factories and the most skilled craftsmanship when constructing cowboy boots. Each pair of boots is constructed with a Goodyear construction. This is a well-known technique, where a thread is sewn through the welt and runs along the perimeter of the outsole. Each stitch ends in a lockstitch, which means the thread chain cannot unravel if one of the threads breaks. This particular technique makes sure that your new boot will last a lifetime. It’s now up to you to decide, if you have the courage to incorporate the Wild West in your spring wardrobe

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 Notabene AW19 Cowboy boots

Notabene Patti

Notabene Patti

Special Price DKK 1.550,00

Regular Price: DKK 3.100,00

Notabene Nancy

Notabene Nancy

DKK 2.900,00
Notabene Sarnai

Notabene Sarnai

Special Price DKK 1.560,00

Regular Price: DKK 3.900,00


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