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Cecilie Lassen

Strong women who dare to follow their dreams in their work life and private life is a true inspiration at Notabene. It is the women who inspire us in their own special ways with their willpower, abilities and skills. We have asked these women where they find their inspiration, what has lead them to where they are today and what gets them out of bed in the morning. Get to know the former ballerina and TV-host Cecilie Lassen through these four essential questions. 

cecilie LassenWhat characterizes your life right now?

The beginning of a new era with a new house, a new city and new goals.

How do you find your work/life balance?

There was a time when my job was my EVERYTHING, but a new everyday life has emerged ever since I had my son where I prioritize life at home over my career and festive gatherings. It feels like the right choice for me right now, to spend the most time possible with him and push my own ego aside.

Has there been a turning point, which has helped define the woman you are today?

My life as a ballerina at the Royal Danish Theatre has become a part of my DNA. The theatre has helped shape my identity ever since I was 7 years old, but my encounter with love and motherhood has defined my further perspective and has given me strength and courage.

What inspires you these days?

I am very focused on my garden and the study of plants - there is something very therapeutic in sowing, pruning, watering and fertilizing plants.


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