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Care for your materials

The art of taking good care of your shoes can be a jungle of information on the combination of care products and materials. We have gathered information on the most common materials so that you can elevate the look of your shoes while elongating their life in a fast and easy manner.



Natural leather or Nappa leather, comes from the outer side of cow leather, which explains its fine surface. The leather can also be embossed with a print for aesthetic reasons. It will often be embossed in either crocodile- or snake print. Natural leather needs regular care with either a leather balm or leather care product. This strengthens and moisturizes the leather, while keeping it from looking worn and dry. It will also prevent any cracks in the material over time. Buy a leather balm in the same shade as your shoes if the material starts to look dull to add a fresh boost of colour. Polish your shoes using a shoe brush for a perfect finish.

As with all organic materials, it is important to use a protector spray before use to make sure the material is protected against wind and rain. If the accident occurs and a heavy rain hits while wearing your leather shoe, you can however, let them dry at room temperature with some paper stuffed inside the shoe. We recommend you never dry your leather shoes on a radiator or other heating devices as this will harm the material and leave your shoes with a stiff look and/or cracks in the leather.


Suede is a flexible leather material that is produced by the inner side of the cow leather. With a light treatment, the material gets its soft, easy-to-recognize surface that is both stylish and feminine.

Suede needs a little more attention than other leather sorts and we always recommend you invest in a suede brush. It is crucial before first time-use to apply protector spray to, as the name implies, protect the fine material against wind and weather. This type of leather also needs regular care from a Suede and Nubuck Care product that both moisturizes and freshens up the colour. It is important to apply the product from a 30 cm distance and in one fine layer to avoid it being soaked. We recommend you to lift the suede fibres with a suede brush, once the Suede and Nubuck Care product has dried. We recommend you to purchase a tinted Suede Protector, if your suede shoes have lost its original colour strength. Always apply this product outdoors to avoid any excess colour on your indoor floors.

Suede can sometimes get severe dents or stains after wear. A suede brush can luckily often fix this, but if you experience any intractable dirt that the brush alone is not able to remove, you can instead steam the shoes and afterwards use the brush again as this normally will fix the problem. Suede is not waterproof and we therefore recommend you to avoid wearing your suede shoes in heavy rain. However, if the accident occurs and your shoes are wet, it is possible to dry them without damaging them. Dry your shoes at room temperature with paper stuffed inside and have patience. We do not recommend you to dry them by placing them on a radiator or other heating device as this can damage the material and make your shoes look stiff and/or create cracks in the material.


Nubuck is produced from calf leather from the upper side of the calf. The material gets a special treatment to get its well-known surface. The refined look of nubuck does not mean that the material is delicate, as nubuck is a very strong and durable material made to last. Even though the material is strong it does however often needs a little extra attention from the lucky owner. It is recommended that you spray the shoes 2-3 times with a Protector Spray before use, with a minimum of 30 minutes between each layer. Repeat this treatment regularly if you wish to use your shoes often. As with every other organic material, it is important to use the right care product to take good care of your shoes. We recommend you to invest in a Suede and Nubuck Care product that moisturizes the leather and freshens up the colour. You also need a Protector Spray that, as the name implies, protects all leather sorts. The fibres in nubuck leather can sometimes go flat if you use your shoes often and the solution is to brush the fibres with a suede brush and then afterwards spray it with your favourite care product.

Nubuck leather is not waterproof and we therefore recommend you to avoid wearing your nubuck leather shoes in heavy rain. However, if the accident occurs and your shoes are wet, it is possible to dry them without damaging them. Dry your shoes at room temperature with paper stuffed inside and have patience. We do not recommend you to dry them by placing them on a radiator or other heating device as this can damage the material and make your shoes look stiff and/or create cracks in the material. If your nubuck shoes turns dry we advise you to give the material an oil treatment every once in a while, as this works as first aid for dry leather.


Patent leather is a surface-treated leather that gets its beautiful shiny surface from a combination of polyurethane and acryl. The material is very durable and is not as delicate as the glossy material implies. Shoes in patent leather do not need a lot of care due to the strong surface. Simply just wipe your shoes with a soft cotton cloth and lukewarm water. Clean your shoes after wear to remove any dirt.

The material might loose some of its shine over time and in this case it can be a good idea to invest in a special lacquer treatment that can freshen up the shine.


Authentic snakeskin, or python, is a very popular material due to its fine pattern and exotic scales. Authentic snakeskin is categorized as a very exclusive material. Authentic snakeskin consists of a scale surface that is water repellent from nature’s side. It is however extremely important to only use a damp cloth when cleaning the material, as water can destroy the delicate scales and shorten the life of your shoes.

Remember to always wipe your shoes in the direction of the scales as this prevents any unwanted damages in the skin. It is important to use a quality leather care product that is approved for reptile skin to elongate the life of your snakeskin shoes and to protect the delicate texture and scales. Extra benefits of treating your snakeskin shoes with a quality care product are preventing the colour from fading and making sure the skin doesn’t dry up or look worn over time.

Musthaves in your carekit

Notabene Protector

Notabene Protector

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Suede brush

Suede brush

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Suede sponge

Suede sponge

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