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Marie Von Ahm

Strong women who dare to follow their dreams in their work life and private life is a true inspiration at Notabene. It is the women who inspire us in their own special ways with their willpower, abilities and skills. We have asked these women where they find their inspiration, what has lead them to where they are today and what gets them out of bed in the morning. Get to know wine expert and Luxury Marketing Specialist, Marie von Ahm through these five essential questions.



What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love my life and I am excited for every new day, which makes me want to jump out of bed filled with energy and positive vibes. I am working on a lot of cool professional projects together with people that I enjoy working with. I finished off a couple of larger projects last year and I have used the first quarter of 2019 to start new and bigger projects that can keep me busy the next couple of years.

One certain thing that provides me with a lot of mental and excess energy is my collaboration with Champagne Boërl & Kroff. The ultimate luxury champagne! A long story and the ultimate example of sheer karma! I was a part of the global launch of this champagne back in 2009 and I decided to buy a share of the business in 2012. I unfortunately had some difference in opinion with one of the three owners in 2016 and decided to leave the brand and sell back my shares of the business, which was an expensive and painful process with lawyers etc. I have since then followed the brand from the sidelines and I have missed being a part of it ever since I pulled out.

One of the other owners calls me last year right before Christmas - it’s a guy who I have always had a profound respect for but who wasn’t a part of the daily operation back then. He tells me that he has taken on the role as the CEO and fired the guy who I had my indifferences with back then. He apologizes for his ”absence” back then and just wants to tell me how big a role I’ve always had in creating the brand and that I always will be a part of the brand’s story.. I was deeply touched and could feel a strong desire to come back to the brand. Three months has passed and we have just now signed a new agreement! And I, who normally don’t believe in destiny or karma is smiling big when I am thinking about my story with Boërl & Kroff… “Some things are simply meant to be!”

What characterizes your life right now?

Change and development! I started as a self-employed exactly 10 years ago and only now do I have the feeling that I am becoming an “adult” as a business. I see myself making completely different choices than I would have done earlier and I am focusing way more on meaningful projects. It is the projects that add value to my life instead of just money in my bank account. I am less stressed than earlier, I travel a lot less and I feel more at ease with myself. It is as if I am finally and naturally choosing another kind of projects where I can work with people I enjoy to be around, whereas I before was primarily looking at the numbers on the bottom line.

How do you find your work/life balance?

Sport, friends, family and nature! My life is, as mentioned, in a much better balance now than earlier on. I first and foremost travel a lot less than I did before. I now travel approximately 120 days a year as oppose to 250+ days a couple of years ago! It calms me down and gives me extra energy to spend more time in my beloved apartment and city, plus more time to do other things besides working. I have always done a lot of sports but I have intensified my training within the last three years, as I have started to practice kickboxing (again). I work out 2+ hours daily when I am at home and I enjoy the energy it provides me with. I also spend way more time with my darling friends and family and I have become really good at forgetting my mobile and computer in order to disconnect totally. 

Has there been a turning point, which has helped define the woman you are today?

I am in a phase in my life where I feel I am becoming an “adult” professionally, as mentioned above. I “am” my work and I also define myself on behalf of my professional life. So this means, that I am also personally in a phase with a lot of changes. I will rather call it a phase than a turning point, but it is actually only right now that I feel I am getting to the core of who I am, professionally and personally.

What inspires you these days?

I have a good handful of people in my life in both my private and professional life that I can draw a lot of inspiration, strength and energy from. It is people that know me from within and who are good at supporting me, but most certainly also to kick me kindly in the back when its necessary and who dares to speak their mind when they think I need to hear it. It furthermore gives me a lot of inspiration and a deep and profound feeling of joy everyday to just “be me” and live my life. I feel extremely lucky every morning I wake up and I often take a minute or two to really let it sink in. I have an amazing life and I want to live it to the fullest every day. That is my mantra





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