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Tips for the perfect care

It doesn’t require anything more than the right knowledge and a little bit of loving care to elongate the life of your footwear with up to several years. In this guide we are giving you all the insider tips to stay up-to-date with your shoe care while providing you with the products that are essential in every shoe lover’s care-kit !

All Notabene shoes are manufactured from organic materials and are therefore extremely comfortable to wear and generous to work with, given they get the right care and a little dose of love before, during and after use. Here you will find a couple of golden rules to live by:

Always apply protective spray treatment to your new shoes before use. The golden rule is to protect them with 3 layers of protective spray. Leave the shoes to dry between each layer and prioritize 3 thin layers rather than one thick one. A protective spray is, as the name implies, a spray that protects your shoes from dirt and moist weather but it is not a care product. It is important to also use the correct care products for your leather shoes to keep the moisture and flexibility in the material. Remember, to never treat your shoes with a care product before they have been protected with a protective spray to make sure you get a perfect result.

Remember to always remove dirt and even out small scratches right after use so they do not turn into permanent damages. You can remove dirt with a shoe brush or a damp cloth.

We recommend you to change your shoes daily to give your leather shoes a minimum one-day break after use so the material has a chance to breathe and dry up. This also maintains the shape of the shoes and elongates their life.

Use a shoehorn with any shoes that are a difficult to put on, as you are avoiding stepped-down heels and broken elastics by using the horn.

We recommend you to keep your leather shoes out of heavy rain. You can, in the incident of soaked shoes, dry them at room temperature with paper stuffed inside. We strongly warn you against drying them by radiator or other electronic devices as this may cause the leather to dry up, which will give your shoes a stiff look and can create cracks in the leather.

It can be a good idea to put paper in your shoes or to use a shoe block when you are drying your wet shoes by room temperature, as this minimizes the risk of deformity when dry.

Go visit a cobbler in case your new shoes feel too tight. A cobbler can block your shoes up to one size bigger if necessary. There are also other ways of expanding the shoes such as using a “shoe stretch” product for your leather shoes. Place the product to the areas where the shoe feels tight and walk around in approximately 10 minutes while the material is still wet. The shoes will expand where it used to feel tight.

We furthermore recommend you to have additional soles applied if your shoes have a full leather sole.

Must-haves in your care kit

We recommend you to always keep these products and tools in your kit to take good care of your newly purchased shoes 

1. A shoehorn

2. A shoe brush

3. A suede brush

4. Notabene Protector Spray and a care product suitable for the material

5. A leather balm

6. A Notabene dustbag for storage or travelling

7. A sponge to clean soles and sneakers !

We recommend our Leather Care for all leather products, Suede and Nubuck Care for suede and nubuck leather and our Protector Spray for protection of all leather sorts to provide the best protection before, during and after use. Remember to invest in a protective spray without silicone, as silicone is harmful for both you and the environment.

Musthaves in your care-kit

Notabene Protector

Notabene Protector

DKK 80,00
Suede brush

Suede brush

DKK 35,00
Suede sponge

Suede sponge

DKK 45,00

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