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Rebecca Vera

Strong women who dare to follow their dreams in their work life and private life is a true inspiration at Notabene. It is the women who inspire us in their own special ways with their willpower, abilities and skills. We have asked these women where they find their inspiration, what has lead them to where they are today and what gets them out of bed in the morning. Get to know Rebecca Vera, sustainability queen and founder of Veras, through these five essential questions.



What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Chirping from the bird residing just above my balcony... To be fair, I love mornings. I get up at 6.30 am. The sooner the better. My bedroom is facing east, so I wake up to the light streaming through my balcony doors. My mornings are sacred to me because this is when I have time to relax, listen to some music and drink my morning coffee before my phone starts ringing and emails pile up in my inbox. I am always busy and no days are the same. I am always looking forward to new and exiting challenges. If I wake up in a bad mood, dressing up in festive clothing always makes my day better.

What characterize your life right now?

Clothing, being busy and being tired. Controlled chaos. I have been renovating my apartment and I am almost done. It brings me balance and calmness when my home is in order. In the past year, that hasn’t been the case. Besides the renovation, my life is characterized by working, buying takeout food, relaxing and watching the Danish show “Hammerslag".

At Veras, springtime is always busy, so I really need to recharge sometimes. Besides putting the finishing touches on the season of 2019, new projects are always emerging. It’s a big challenge for me to kindly turn down new and exciting offers and limit myself. If the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that I can’t do everything my heart wants me to. Further more, it’s the three-year anniversary of Veras, which is difficult to wrap my head around.

How do you find your work/life balance?

My mornings are sacred to me and It’s only lately I have become a true morning person. The mornings are where I find my calm and get an overview of my day. Administrative tasks, emails and other to-do’s are taken care of, and this is a very important part of my routine. When I work out, I recharge as well. I used to do crossfit, but yoga has proved very useful. It not only feels meditative but allows me to use my body which I love, but without maxing out as when doing crossfit. I already do that during my workday at Veras. It is very difficult to manage your work-life-balance when self-employed, so I try to make up some rules for myself to follow. It takes my body around three hours to calm down after a full day of work, so I am not allowing myself to bring work home in the evening, to avoid taking my work into bed. So basically no working after 7 pm. I’d rather stay at work for two more hours than bringing it home with me.

Has there been a turning point, which has helped define the woman you are today?

So many different stages in my life have been defining towards where I am today. When I was 19 years old, I went traveling for 5 month, all by myself. That pushed my boundaries and it taught me so much about my self and my abilities in life. The most defining stage in my life was probably when I got diagnosed with stress. I had my dream job and was 25 years old. I didn’t know anyone who had dealt with anxiety and depression at that moment, so I really had a difficult time realizing that my body was telling me to stop. That was, in so many ways, a turning point for me and a big reason for the creation of Veras. I wanted to create my own rules and a safe space for my colleagues and I to thrive everyday. It’s important for me that I not only have a sustainable business model, but also a socially sustainable work environment for my employees.

As much as I hate to admit it, my stress diagnosis is still a part of me, but it has made me very aware of how and when to take care of myself. I’ve been going to a psychiatrist and it has been the most life affirming experience. I’ve learnt so much about myself and evolved to a better me. I don’t think as much about what other people think of me and I’ve learnt to only be around people I care for. I’ve spent so much time thinking and caring for other people’s needs that I forgot to take care of my own. So, my stress diagnosis has in many ways helped me shape my current daily life.

What inspires you these days?

As of lately, fashion wise, I find inspiration at flea markets. In both the range of clothes being sold and in the many people visiting the market dressed to impress. On a regular day I find inspiration in everything from an Instagram account about birds (nerdy, I know!) because of all the beautiful colors and textures in nature. Other than that, well dressed and color coordinated old ladies makes me turn my head. Old ladies with style are the best style.





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