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Sacchetto construction

If you have ever tried on a pair of Notabene loafers or ballerinas, you have probably experienced the incredible soft feeling of a sacchetto construction. You might not have heard of the sacchetto construction before, but as soon as you put on a pair, you can feel the difference immediately. But what is the sacchetto construction and where does it come from? Read along as we give you all the information you need to know about the construction behind the butter-soft sacchetto shoes.


What is sacchetto?

Sacchetto is the Italian word for a ‘small purse’ or ‘sack’. It is a traditional Italian workmanship method, where elegant and sophisticated design goes hand in hand with high comfort and quality. A sacchetto construction is in no way a new invention; the artisanal method derives from way back when shoe production was slow, made to measure and based solemnly on handcraft. Still today, only a few factories in Italy practice this old shoemaking art. Therefore, shoes produced with a sacchetto construction will not be found in lower-tier supermarkets, as it requires time, effort and the right exclusive materials. 

What is the difference between regular shoemaking and sacchetto?

Most shoes are made of many different parts and components. First, the lining and inner sole are sown or glued together and afterwards glued to the outer sole of the shoe. To make sure all components stay in place, they are held together with metal clamps. All these steps limit the flexibility and conformability of the shoes, which can cause them to feel stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Shoes produced according to the sacchetto method are, compared to the regular shoemaking, extremely soft and comfortable to wear. You can recognize a Sacchetto construction by the flexibility and movement of the shoe. The shoe follows the natural movement of your feet, making it extremely comfortable to wear for long walks and long days.


The production of sacchetto shoes

Shoes produced with a sacchetto construction, is a shoe that will fit like a glove. Each pair is rendered in the most incredible leather from the upper shoe to the stacked heel. In a sacchetto construction, the insole and lining are sewn together by hand like a small purse or glove in thin layers of leather. The soft layers of leather are stretched into shape to keep the elasticity of the natural material, and held together by small invisible stitches, resulting in a soft inner lining that molds after the foot. This creates the sacchetto lining envelope with minimal fixtures or seams.

The inner lining is then sewn together with the upper before shaping on a last for days. A shock-absorbing layer is stitched between the sacchetto lining envelope and the sole. The final result is a light and flexible shoe with a great level of comfort as well as breathability.

 Shoes produced by sacchetto construction

Notabene Romy

Notabene Romy

DKK 2.150,00
Notabene Kate

Notabene Kate

Special Price DKK 1.365,00

Regular Price: DKK 1.950,00

Notabene Tyra

Notabene Tyra

Special Price DKK 1.505,00

Regular Price: DKK 2.150,00

Notabene Jerry

Notabene Jerry

Special Price DKK 1.155,00

Regular Price: DKK 1.650,00

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