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Care guide: Soles

All soles are unique and have different functionalities and designs. And your shoes’ outer soles are, as the shoe itself, in need of some special care from time to time. We have gathered some basic guidelines on how to take good care of your outer soles of rubber, Vibram rubber and leather.


Leather soles

A leather sole adds an elegant touch to all footwear, but as with many other things in life; this type of delicate outer sole needs special care. When purchasing shoes with leather soles, we recommend you to have your local cobbler apply a half or full rubber sole to prolong the life of your shoes. If you choose to not apply a rubber sole, you should moist the leather from time to time with your favorite leather creme for the best preservation of the sole. In doing this, you avoid cracks and ensures the flexibility of the material. Avoid using your leather soles on rainy days, as water and damp weather can harm the material. If wet, make sure to let the shoes dry slowly in room temperature. Do not place your shoes near any heating devices, as this will cause damage to the material.

Vibram rubber soles

The Italian rubber sole produced by Vibram is designed to be particularly wear- and slip resistant. The renowned Vibram rubber sole is of the highest quality and is also used in extreme sports due to the particular pattern of the rubber. The pattern provides a solid foothold on every kind of surface and in all types of weather. The Vibram sole works wonders under all temperatures, and is therefore ideal for all seasons. The Vibram sole doesn’t require any more care than cleaning with a damp cloth when needed.

Natural rubber

Natural rubber is retrieved from tropical rubber trees and Bevea Brasiliensis trees. The material is flexible, smooth and has a long lifespan because of its wear resistance. Soles of natural rubber only require cleaning with a damp cloth when needed. The natural rubber material contains essential oils that with time can dry up a bit. If you would like to give some special care to your soles, it is commendable to apply a natural oil of your choosing to ensure flexibility.

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