Notabene Shoes


The SS19 Collection

A tale inspired by Eurasia

This season the collection derives inspiration from Eurasia - a merge between East Asian playfulness, Northeast Asian aesthetics and Scandinavian minimalism. The East in many ways equals a feeling of inner peace and zen which gives the courage to listen within and not care about the opinions of others. We are inspired by the diversity within fashion from the playful Kawaii to a minimalist and understated aesthetic. In the same way, the SS19 collection doesn't seek to cater to one woman on one specific occasion but instead offers the right variety to choose from - to express yourself no matter the day, no matter the situation.

The SS19 collection - A tale inspired by Eurasia, offers a wide selection - from snake embossed heels to flat minimalistic loafers and edgy Western boots. We find inspiration from the East in the decorative silk scarves that are tied around the ankle, the braided leather mules that resemble the fairytale of One Thousand and One Nights and the sculptural heels that works as a subtle reference to origami. The decorative cowboy boots are a tribute to the Northwest of the East - Mongolia to be accurate - where they are worn by strong eagle hunters on horseback in traditional Mongolian uniforms. This season they are reinterpreted in python, leather and nubuck.

The collection has a wide reach, whereas the red thread as always is the high quality, the excellent craftsmanship and this time the strong inspiration from Eurasia.

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