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At Notabene we are very attentive to the need for appropriate protection and responsible processing of all personal information that we receive. Notabene assures full confidentiality in respect of your personal data. We are responsible for personal data that is submitted via, and we will only disclose your information to third parties in relation with the service that we deliver to you.

The following is an account of how we use the personal information you leave and/or submit when you visit our website and when you use the various services on our website.

Collection of information

Notabene collects information about you when you actively submit information to our website, subscribe to the newsletter, place an online order and/or participate in competitions. You will always be informed in relation with the collection of personal information about you. The personal information that we collect can include, for example, your name, your email address, your private address, your phone number and similar identification data, your shoe size, information about an online purchase and on your navigation of the website.

When submitting information, you will always be informed whether the input is voluntary or a requirement for the implementation of the desired action, such as completing a transaction in our webshop.

We collect your personal information in one or more of the following cases:

When you make an online purchase on our webshop
When you subscribe to our newsletter
When you create a customer account through our webshop
When you participate in a competition

Even if you use your email address in more than one of the above cases, your details will be only collected and registered in a single location. This allows your information to be reused, for example, when you make a purchase with us, while at the same time ensuring that you do not receive the same marketing material from us more than once.

Subscribing to our newsletter

Entering your details and subscribing to the newsletter means that you are giving Notabene your consent to collect and process your personal information, for the purpose of sending you our newsletter. You may withdraw your consent at any time through the opt-out link in the bottom of each newsletter.

Creating a user account

When you create an account, your personal information will be processed in accordance with current personal data legislation. This means that your personal information is treated as confidential. The purpose of collecting your information is to create an account for you, where you can access your order history, enter and manage several shipping addresses and proceed through the check out process more conveniently.

You may at any time contact us to obtain a copy of the personal information we have registered about you. In addition, you can always ask us to rectify incorrect information, delete or raise an objection to or limiting the processing of your information. If you have any questions about our processing of your information, you are also welcome to contact us at If you would like your account to be deleted, send an email at any time, asking us to delete your account.

Should you wish to lodge a complaint about our processing of your information, please contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.

How we use personal data

Personal data is collected and used for the following purposes:

Processing of an order in our webshop
Subscribing to a newsletter
Management of user account
Participation in competitions or other events
Transmission of other marketing material, including invitations to events and other campaigns
Summary of purchase history
Statistics and analysis of traffic on
Subscribing to stock updates

Other marketing measures

We would like to point out that the use of your personal information for the sending of marketing material will only take place if you have previously submitted your explicit consent.

Notabene gathers statistics about which areas of the website our users visit and what products are our users’ favourites. These data does not contain personal information. The collected data gives us knowledge about how users use the website. This information is used to improve the website. We are not able to see where you are visiting from or where you surf to on the Internet when you leave our site. We do not sell or in any other way disclose information about our users’ use and navigation of our website and we neither sell nor distribute information about your purchases to a third party.

Disclosure to other data controllers

Your personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without your permission. However, under certain circumstances and in accordance with legislation, we may be required by law to disclose information to public authorities or the police. For example, we are required to disclose information to the police in cases of suspected credit card fraud.

Handover to other data processors

Information for use in the product delivery is handed over to the shipping company that Notabene is using. Your personal information is also passed on to Notabene’s partners who provide services on Notabene's behalf, such as in connection with the sending of newsletters. These partners only process personal information on Notabene's behalf and in accordance with Notabene's instructions.

Transfer to third party countries (Non-EU members)

Your personal information is transferred to the USA, as Notabene uses the services of Mailchimp, which has acceded to the EU-U.S Privacy Shield Framework. The Commission has ruled that the protection level is sufficient in the USA, once companies have acceded to the Privacy Shield Framework. For more information about Privacy Shield Framework, see the official website.

Deletion of personal information

We delete your personal data when we no longer need to process it in order to fulfill one or more of the purposes as stated above. The information may, however, be processed and stored for longer than this, in an anonymised form. Personal information which is stored in relation with online purchases will be stored for 5 years in accordance with the Accountancy Act.


We use cookies on our website. You can read more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy, which you can find here.

Your rights

You are entitled to gain insight in the information that we process about you, however subject to certain statutory exclusions. You are also entitled to raise objections to the collection and further processing of your personal information. Furthermore, you are entitled to have your personal information corrected, deleted or blocked, in accordance with relevant regulations.

Withdrawal of consent

You may at any time revoke any consent that you may have given us. We will then delete your information, unless we are able to continue processing on some other basis. If you would like to withdraw your consent, please contact us at

Alteration and deletion of information etc.

If you would like us to update, amend or delete personal information that we have registered about you, if you would like access to the personal information that is processed about you, or if you have inquiries about the above guidelines, please contact us at

How to lodge a complaint

If you would like to lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal information, please contact us by email, as presented above. You can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency at Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28 5, DK 1300, Copenhagen K, Denmark.

Updated on May 25th 2018