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Article: Care guide: The soles of the shoe

Plejeguide: Skoens såler

Care guide: The soles of the shoe

All soles are unique and have different functionality and design. And soles, like the rest of your shoes, also need a little care over time. We have therefore made a mini-guide on what you should know in order to give proper care and love to your natural rubber, Vibram rubber and leather soles.


A leather sole gives the shoe a particularly exclusive look, but these soles require good maintenance for a long life. It is recommended that you prime your leather soles before use in order to extend the life of the shoes. This is done at a cobbler. If you do not insole your leather soles, it is recommended that you lubricate the soles with a neutral shoe cream once a month if the shoes are used often, in order to keep the leather supple. Avoid using your leather soles in rainy weather, as this shortens the life of the sole. If they get wet, it is important to let them dry at room temperature at your own pace. Drying by radiators or other heating devices can damage organic materials such as leather and cause cracks.


Italian Vibram soles are specially designed to be particularly durable and non-slip. The sole has a high quality and is, among other things, known within extreme sports due to the rubber sole's special pattern, which gives the footwear a good grip. The material ensures a solid footing on all types of surfaces and in all types of weather. The soles remain of the same high quality during temperature fluctuations and are therefore ideal for all seasons. This sole requires no care other than wiping with a damp cloth as needed.


Natural rubber is tapped from tropical rubber trees and Bevea Brasiliensis rubber trees. Natural rubber is supple, soft and has a long shelf life due to its durability. Natural rubber soles require no more maintenance than wiping with a damp cloth as needed. This material contains essential oils and will dry out a little over time, so if you still want to give your rubber soles some moisture and ensure optimal flexibility, you can advantageously lubricate them with a natural oil of your choice.

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