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Møntergade 19
DK-1116 Copenhagen K

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CVR no.: 32 93 26 65

Notabene's general terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to every sale and every delivery from Notabene, unless a written agreement has been concluded between you and Notabene that deviates from the provisions, or the provisions may otherwise be in conflict with prescriptive consumer protection rules.

When you shop at, the general sales and contractual rules of Danish law apply, including the rules on consumer purchases. As a consumer, you are therefore protected by the applicable legislation in the area, i.e. primarily the Sales Act and the Consumer Contracts Act.

Notabene does not store an actual copy of the agreement between you and, but only makes a technical storage of the content of the agreement. You are therefore required to save proof of your trade with yourself. In your package there is a packing slip, which is your proof of the transaction.

This must be saved and presented in the event of any complaints.