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Article: Sacchetto construction

Sacchetto konstruktion

Sacchetto construction

What is Sacchetto?

Sacchetto is Italian and means 'little bag' or 'sack'. It is an Italian craftsmanship method in shoe production, where elegant and sophisticated design goes hand in hand with high comfort and quality. The sacchetto construction is by no means new, but an old-fashioned shoemaking art that is still only practiced by a few factories in Italy today. The method dates back to the time when slowness and good craftsmanship were a virtue. You will therefore never find shoes produced according to this method in the supermarkets, as it is a craft that takes time, ingenuity and the right luxurious materials.


The difference between regular shoes and shoes with sacchetto construction lies primarily in the craftsmanship. Most shoes are typically produced from several different components. First, the lining and insole are sewn or glued together, and then glued to the outer sole of the shoe. It is then attached with metal clips that ensure that the shoe's various components sit together. These different steps inhibit both flexibility and comfort, which can result in the shoe feeling both stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Shoes produced according to the sacchetto method, on the other hand, are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. You can recognize a Sacchetto construction by the high flexibility and mobility, which means, among other things, that the shoe can be easily folded to half size. In addition, the shoe follows the natural movement of your foot, which makes them extremely good to wear for both walks and long working days.


Shoes with sacchetto construction mold to the foot like a glove. Each pair is delicately crafted in the most incredible leather from heel to toe. This is because the inner lining is sewn together like a small bag or glove in thin and soft leather, which is stretched into shape to preserve the natural elasticity. The soft inner lining molds to the foot and is held together by minimal hidden stitching that sits around the sole.

Subsequently, the inner lining is sewn on with the outside of the shoe up along the edge. A shock-absorbing layer is then placed between the lining and the outer sole, which is finally sewn together with the outer sole. The result is a shoe that has a natural and easy movement as well as a high breathability, since the feet are only in contact with natural materials.

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