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We would like to point out that Notabene does not assume responsibility for any customs and VAT fees that may be incurred during international shipping of our products. Any additional costs in the form of customs, VAT, import duties or the like imposed by the authorities in the buyer's country are the buyer's responsibility.

It is important that the buyer himself examines and is aware of any customs regulations and taxes that apply to the importation of goods into the country in question. We recommend that the buyer contact local customs or tax offices for information on applicable regulations and fees.

By making a purchase from Notabene, the buyer agrees to be responsible for any customs and VAT fees that may be incurred when importing the products. Notabene assumes no responsibility for delays or problems that may arise as a result of customs or tax matters.

We encourage the buyer to be aware of the applicable rules and regulations regarding customs and VAT in their own country to avoid any unexpected costs in connection with the purchase.